Cécile A.J. Girardin

Technical director

e: cecilegirardin@gmail.com


School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford
Nature Based Insetting, Oxford University Innovations
Oxford Martin School Fellow
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Interests and expertise

My research focuses on the potential for Nature-based Solutions to respond to climate change. I am an expert on the ecosystem functioning and carbon dynamics of tropical forests across the globe, and their response to a rapidly changing climate.

I am a scientist and an artist. As an artist, I have produced murals, animations, and a wide range of professional illustrations for UN Biodiversity, iied, Oxford University Press, Global Canopy Programme, and Sumatran Orangutan Society, and Oxford University, to name a few. My portfolio is available on cecilegirardin.com


I combine years of experience in climate change policy analysis with a background in tropical ecology and a thorough understanding of forest ecosystem functioning to provide a unique multidisciplinary approach to her work. I trained as an Ecosystems Scientist at the University of Oxford and Imperial College, and has over 20 years of field experience: working in tropical forests, managing international teams, leading scientific publications, training students, and facilitating discussions on translating science into policy and action (eg. REDD+, Nature-based Solutions).

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