Cécile A.J. Girardin, PhD

Technical and Artistic Director


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Oxford University School of Geography and the Environment (Ecosystems Lab, Global Ecosystems Monitoring network), the Nature Based Solutions Initiative (Department of Zoology, Oxford Martin School), Bookwhen.com, and Oxford Biochar Ltd.

Interests and expertise

Data analysis, design & illustration, science communication. My current research focusses on the ecosystem functioning and carbon dynamics of tropical forests, and their responses to a rapidly changing climate.


I combine years of experience in climate change policy analysis with a background in tropical ecology and thorough understanding of forest ecosystem functioning, providing a unique multidisciplinary approach to my work. As an environmental consultant, I developed strong skills in policy analysis and data manipulation. As researcher for ten years, I developed skills in data gathering and analysis through intensive fieldwork in tropical forests.  I am an alumnus of Imperial College, Environmental Resources Management Ltd., the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture UN-REDD+ team, and the Oxford Martin School.

Cécile A.J. Girardin, PhD