Beth Turner

PhD researcher



Département Des Sciences Biologiques, Université Du Québec à Montréal, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Beth Turner

Interests and expertise

In my doctoral research, I am interested in exploring the role of nature-based solutions in promoting social-ecological resilience to climate change. In particular, I look at how NbS in forest ecosystems influence key social-ecological attributes needed to ensure forests and the communities that depend on them can respond to and navigate change. Moreover, I will look at how forest NbS that promote resilience attributes affect various community values under different future scenarios of global change. I focus on a set of case studies in different regions in Canada to investigate these questions through a participatory research approach that combines different types of knowledge. In addition to my PhD research, I support various ongoing projects at NbSI and broadly aim to contribute to research and communication on how NbS can re-establish and promote inclusive and reciprocal human-nature relationships.


I studied Biology and Environmental Science as an undergraduate at McGill University in Canada and completed a Masters specialized in tropical biodiversity at the Free University of Brussels. Prior to joining NbSI, I worked on several research projects investigating a range of ecological phenomena in both temperate and tropical environments. I joined NbSI in 2018 as a researcher and worked on two main projects: (1) mapping the effectiveness of NbS for climate change adaptation and (2) exploring the role of NbS in delivering local development outcomes. In 2020 I started a PhD at Université Du Québec à Montréal in Canada in partnership with NbSI.

Associated projects

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