Alexandre Chausson

Researcher and senior project manager



Department of Zoology, University of Oxford
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Interests and expertise

I manage and collaborate on the delivery of research and knowledge-exchange outputs. This includes conducting applied research for policy on Nature-based Solutions, with a focus on climate change adaptation, development, and Nature-based Solutions for economic recoveries. I oversee our partnership with ICCCAD (Bangladesh) and the Instituto de Montaña (Peru), a collaboration to analyze case studies on the economic recovery potential of Nature-based Solutions. I also provide guidance on the design of the Nature-based Solutions Initiative platforms. Previously, I led capacity strengthening for a multi-stakeholder research partnership led by IIED focusing on socio-environmental trade-offs in sub-Saharan agricultural development (involving partners across the UK, Zambia, Ghana, and Ethiopia). I am compiling guidance for funders and research teams to support transdisciplinary, ‘North-South’ research partnerships addressing societal challenges. My overall aim is to support innovative interdisciplinary research and transdisciplinary collaborations for impact at the nexus of development, climate change, and biodiversity.


I have a background in biology (BA Rutgers U., 2009) and ecology (MSc U. Lausanne, 2012), and an interdisciplinary MSc in Conservation Science from Imperial College (2016). I have worked in Central America and sub-Saharan Africa conducting both social and ecological research, including research on the demand side drivers of the bushmeat supply chain in Congo-Brazzaville, human-wildlife conflict mitigation in Kenya, and the impacts of climate and food availability on barn owl reproduction in Switzerland. I also hold three years of management and editorial experience in science publishing as a journal manager for Frontiers publishing in Switzerland.

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