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I am responsible for expanding the interactive global map of NbS case studies to showcase best practice NbS case studies in the UK and globally. Through this platform, I aim to make nature-based solutions – along with their methods, governance structures, funding mechanisms, research insights, and more – readily accessible to practitioners, funders, and researchers alike.

As a trained dialogue facilitator and experienced public speaker, I place a strong emphasis on effective science communication. I am enthusiastic about facilitating greater collaboration and knowledge exchange, ultimately advancing the implementation of these innovative approaches worldwide.


I hold an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management from the University of Oxford and a BSc Honours in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from UBC. My research on urban smooth-coated otter ecology and human-wildlife interactions culminated in my publication of findings in the Journal of Mammalogy and influenced wildlife management strategies.

Science communication has always been at the core of my endeavours. I initiated a Southeast-Asia wide symposium in 2022, facilitating collaboration among over 200 youth from 13 countries and conservation professionals. In my previous role at the National Parks Board Singapore, I developed educational programmes for over 300 schools and orchestrated a nationwide exhibition highlighting contributions of local nature groups.

Growing up in Singapore and researching its wildlife, from the playful smooth-coated otters to the elusive pangolins, I developed a profound appreciation for the need to implement conservation strategies with the full engagement of local communities. This awareness underscores my commitment to exploring and implementing nature-based solutions that benefit both people and biodiversity.

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