Aline Soterroni

Research fellow



Department of Biology, University of Oxford
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
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Interests and expertise

My research interests focus on using economic land use modeling to design scenarios and evaluate climate policies, with a particular focus on Brazil. I have been the lead developer of a regional land-use modeling used to provide quantitative science-based results to Brazilian stakeholders and policy makers. As part of the Oxford Net Zero and Nature-based Solutions Initiative, I am interested in understanding the synergies and trade-offs between net zero policies and biodiversity conservation, including the role of Nature-based Solutions in climate mitigation efforts. I am also interested in evaluating policies regarding ecosystem protection connected to forest-risk supply chain agreements.

I am currently advising Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation on the generation of technical inputs that can be used to update the NDC and the net zero plan. She is part of a team of researchers working on the development of SINAPSE 2.0, a scenarios modelling platform for climate and environmental policy evaluation.


My background is Mathematics and I have a Master and a PhD in Applied Computing from Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research on unconstrained global optimization. I am an environmental scientist by training with experience in regional economic land use modeling for quantitative policy evaluation.



  • ONZ Webinar: Assessing the potential impact of the EU deforestation regulation in Brazil – ONZ webinar
  • ONZ Webinar: Net zero pathways for Brazil
  • NbS Conference: The role of NbS in Brazil’s net zero pathways



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