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Team slider image “Healthy ecosystems underpin healthy, resilient nations and communities, and we cannot achieve our Sustainable Development Goals without safeguarding nature” Achim Steiner, UNDP (2017)
Team slider image Land-based conservation and restoration has the potential to provide over 30% of the cost-effective climate change mitigation needed between now and 2030 Learn more
Team slider image Most nations agree that nature is a major ally in the fight against climate change but policy ambition must be matched by robust targets Learn more
Team slider image Natural coastal wetlands prevented $625M property damage during Hurricane Sandy in NE USA in 2012 Learn more
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Team slider image Nature-based climate solutions must be grounded in sound biodiversity science Learn more
Team slider image Ecosystem and biodiversity scientists must work closely with policymakers to identify meaningful climate adaptation targets that benefit both people and ecosystems Learn more

Nature-based Solutions to Global Challenges
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The Nature-based Solutions Initiative is an interdisciplinary programme of research, policy advice and education based at the University of Oxford.  It brings together natural, physical and social scientists with economists, governance and finance experts from across the University and beyond. Its mission is to enhance understanding of the potential of Nature-based Solutions to address global challenges and increase their sustainable implementation worldwide.

NBS Roadmap in Bangladesh

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Together with the International Centre for Climate Change and Development, we ran an NBS workshop in Dhaka for practitioners and policymakers. Bangladesh has long-been implementing NBS. We discussed how this knowledge can best inform development policy and practice regionally and across globe.

Enhancing climate ambition through NBS

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On the basis of an analysis of comparative assessments of nature’s prominence in NDCs to date, our new report with IUCN highlights what can be done to fully harness the potential of NbS in global climate action. National commitments to NBS are also available via our NBS Policy Platform.

NBS Evidence Tool

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During UN Climate Action week, we launched our interactive evidence platform linking nature-based interventions to adaptation outcomes. The platform will grow as studies are added. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

NBS Conference 2020

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We are excited to announce that we will host a major international interdisciplinary conference on Nature-based Solutions in Oxford in July 2020. For more information and to register interest, visit the conference website

Achieving net zero with green and grey solutions

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NBSI director spoke with Carbon Brief at the Oxford Achieving Net Zero conference. She emphasised the need to balance Nature-based Solutions with tech to achieve net-zero, emphasising the vital importance of locally stewarded ecosystem restoration (and not afforestation!)

Global recognition of Nature-based Solutions

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Our new paper reveals global support for Nature-based Solutions to climate change but highlights the need for high-level pledges to be met by science-based targets that benefit both people and ecosystems.

Biodiversity and climate change

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NBSI Director talks about the crucial role of biodiversity as a major ally in the fight against climate change and poverty in a video as part of Apolitical’s field guide for public servants: Policy Solutions from Nature.

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Planet in crisis

Climate change and species loss are accelerating and natural disasters are becoming more frequent. Ecosystems are collapsing and agricultural land is being lost to desert. And millions of people face food or water shortages and are fleeing their homelands as conflict over dwindling natural resources intensifies.

Ambitious solutions

Leaders and scientists across the globe are starting to realise that we must work with nature to solve these related global challenges. Nature not only helps protect us from climate change impacts but stores carbon to slow warming and supports biodiversity.

Overcoming barriers

Enthusiasm for nature’s role in sustainable development is at an all-time high and growing rapidly. Yet scientific evidence for the effectiveness of NbS is scattered or poor, finance flows severely limited, and governance challenges immense. To address these issues we have established this Initiative.

Latest Evidence

Restoring forests as a means to many ends

Earth is approaching environmental thresholds that, if crossed, will create serious disruptions to ecosystems, economies, and society. To avoid the ...

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Global modeling of nature’s contributions to people

The magnitude and pace of global change demand rapid assessment of nature and its contributions to people. We present a ...

Chaplin-Kramer, R. et al. , 2019

Agro-ecosystem based sustainability indicators for climate resilient agriculture in India: A conceptual framework

The impending threats of changing climate have been well documented across sectors. The climate risks are best addressed through increasing ...

Chowdhury, M. S. N. et al., 2019
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