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Nature-based Solutions to Global Challenges
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Nature-based Solutions are actions that work with and enhance natural habitats to help address societal challenges. This programme of interdisciplinary research, policy advice and education is aimed at getting science into policy and policy into action to increase the implementation of sustainable and biodiverse Nature-based Solutions worldwide.

Planet in crisis

Climate change and species loss are accelerating and natural disasters are becoming more frequent. Ecosystems are collapsing and agricultural land is being lost to desert. And millions of people face food or water shortages and are fleeing their homelands as conflict over dwindling natural resources intensifies.

Ambitious solutions

Leaders and scientists across the globe are starting to realise that we must work with nature to solve these related global challenges. Nature not only helps protect us from climate change impacts but stores carbon to slow warming and supports biodiversity.

Overcoming barriers

But high-level pledges rarely translate into action. One issue is that evidence for nature’s benefits is hard to access and difficult to understand. Meanwhile, there is low awareness in business and government of our dependency on nature. To address these issues we have established this Initiative.

Latest Evidence

Mangroves shelter coastal economic activity from cyclones

Mangroves shelter coastlines during hazardous storm events with coastal communities experiencing mangrove deforestation are increasingly vulnerable to economic damages resulting ...

Hochard et al, 2019

Impacts of land-based greenhouse gas removal options on ecosystem services and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Land-based greenhouse gas removal (GGR) options include afforestation or reforestation (AR), wetland restoration, soil carbon sequestration (SCS), biochar, terrestrial enhanced ...

Smith et al, 2019

Addressing societal challenges through nature-based solutions: How can landscape planning and governance research contribute?

Nature-based solutions (NBS) in river landscapes, such as restoring floodplains, can not only decrease flood risks for downstream communities but ...

Albert, C. et al., 2019
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