Nature-based Solutions to Global Challenges
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The Nature-based Solutions Initiative is an interdisciplinary programme of research, policy advice and education based at the University of Oxford.  It brings together natural, physical and social scientists with economists, governance and finance experts from across the University and beyond. Its mission is to enhance understanding of the potential of Nature-based Solutions to address global challenges and increase their sustainable implementation worldwide.

What do we mean by successful, sustainable Nature-based Solutions? To find out, listen to what the experts think and read these four key evidence-based principles: www.nbsguidelines.info

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Explore our bibliography for the latest publications on NbS and locate scientific evidence for the effectiveness of Nature-based Solutions to climate change impacts using our Evidence Platform

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Discover how the world’s nations are planning for the impacts of climate change and learn how to increase climate ambition through Nature-based Solutions

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Find out more about our in-country programmes and read about Nature-based Solutions in action from across the globe

Latest publications on Nature-based Solutions

There are currently 414 publications in our bibliography.

Evaluating wider benefits of natural flood management strategies: An ecosystem-based adaptation perspective

Climate change is projected to alter river flows and the magnitude/frequency characteristics of floods and droughts. Ecosystem-based adaptation highlights the interdependence of human and natural systems, and the potential to buffer the impacts [...] Read more
Iacob, O. et al. | Hydrology Research | 2020

Environmental and climate policy integration: Targeted strategies for overcoming barriers to nature-based solutions and climate change adaptation

Nature-based adaptation planning is a challenging endeavor, not least because it requires transdisciplinary approaches to unite different actors’ efforts and capacities. However, empirical knowledge on associated governance processes is scarce and fragmented. Against [...] Read more
Wamsler, C. et al. | Journal of Cleaner Production | 2020

Reducing Hydro-Meteorological Risk by Nature-Based Solutions: What Do We Know about People’s Perceptions?

Nature-based solutions (NBS) have recently received attention due to their potential ability to sustainably reduce hydro-meteorological risks, providing co-benefits for both ecosystems and affected people. Therefore, pioneering research has dedicated efforts to optimize [...] Read more
Han, S. & Kuhlicke, C. | Water | 2019


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    On 7-9 July we hosted an online conference: NbS Digital Dialogues. We discussed each of four key guidelines for successful, sustainable nature-based solutions (NbS) outlined in www.nbsguidelines.info, highlighting the main challenges [...] Read more July 27, 2020

  • NbS Digital Dialogues – 7th-9th July

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    It’s just a few days until NbS Digital Dialogues 2020, where we will bring together leaders from science, policy and practice, to discuss what successful, sustainable Nature-based Solutions look like, and how they [...] Read more July 2, 2020

  • Bangladesh’s mangroves threatened by development

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    A 6 km-long bridge is being built in Bangladesh. This will increase connectivity across the country, and has already prompted development in the south-western Khulna Division. This region is home to the largest [...] Read more June 17, 2020

  • Net Zero webinar series

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    In collaboration with The Guardian, the University of Oxford is hosting a series of five webinars on how the UK can achieve its net zero emissions target. The webinars are free to watch [...] Read more June 16, 2020

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