Nature-based Solutions to Global Challenges
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The Nature-based Solutions Initiative is an interdisciplinary programme of research, policy advice and education based at the University of Oxford.  It brings together natural, physical and social scientists with economists, governance and finance experts from across the University and beyond. Its mission is to enhance understanding of the potential of Nature-based Solutions to address global challenges and increase their sustainable implementation worldwide.

What do we mean by successful, sustainable Nature-based Solutions? Read these four key evidence-based principles: www.nbsguidelines.info

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Explore our bibliography for the latest publications on NbS and locate scientific evidence for the effectiveness of Nature-based Solutions to climate change impacts using our Evidence Platform

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Discover how the world’s nations are planning for the impacts of climate change and learn how to increase climate ambition through Nature-based Solutions

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Find out more about our in-country programmes and read about Nature-based Solutions in action from across the globe

Latest publications on Nature-based Solutions

There are currently 400 publications in our bibliography.

Ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction in mountains

Since the late 1960s it became clear that a more sustainable protection of people and property from the negative impacts of natural hazards will require a more balanced use of structural and non-structural [...] Read more
Moos, C. et al. | Earth-Science Reviews | 2018

Contribution of trees to the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes

The production of sufficient food for an increasing global population while conserving natural capital is a major challenge to humanity. Tree-mediated ecosystem services are recognized as key features of more sustainable agroecosystems but [...] Read more
Barrios, E. et al. | International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management | 2017

Helping nature help us Transforming disaster risk reduction through ecosystem management

With the increasing threats that disasters present particularly in the light of climate change, there is an urgent need to prioritise proactive disaster risk reduction over reacting to disaster events. Healthy ecosystems in [...] Read more
Monty, F, Murti, R. & Furuta, N. | IUCN | 2016


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  • NbS Bangladesh Community of Practice

    News item image

    On World Environment Day, we are delighted to announce the launch of NbS Bangladesh. This is a community of researchers, practitioners and policymakers working to enhance understanding of the importance of nature-based [...] Read more June 3, 2020

  • NbSI director appointed as a Friend of COP26

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    The 26th UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP26) will be held in Glasgow on 1-12th November 2021. Over 30,000 delegates will convene to agree on actions to address the climate crisis. We need [...] Read more June 1, 2020

  • Tree planting is not a panacea for climate change

    News item image

    One Earth presents a collection of seven expert perspectives on the role of tree planting for mitigating and adapting to climate change. Among them is NbSI director, Professor Nathalie Seddon.

    Some key points include:

    – [...] Read more May 27, 2020

  • Global call for nature-based solutions scale-up

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    Together with leading figures from business, climate change policy, academia and environmental NGOs, we have signed an open letter calling for governments and organisations globally to ‘take Nature-based Solutions to scale’ in the [...] Read more May 6, 2020

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