Nature-based Solutions to Global Challenges
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The Nature-based Solutions Initiative is an interdisciplinary programme of research, education and policy advice based at the University of Oxford. Its mission is to enhance understanding of the potential of Nature-based Solutions to address multiple global challenges and support their sustainable implementation worldwide.

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Working with natural and social scientists, economists, governance and finance experts from across the University and beyond, we conduct world-leading research into the ecological and socio-economic effectiveness of nature-based solutions to addressing the causes and impacts of climate change, whilst supporting biodiversity and sustainable development. We combine pure research with syntheses of existing work and we make scientific evidence easy to explore through beautiful and interactive platforms.

  • News item image Getting the message right on nature-based solutions
    The role of nature-based solutions (NbS) in tackling the climate and nature crises has gained the world’s attention. They were high on the agenda at the World Economic Forum and the Climate Adaptation Summit last week, and will continue to be a central topic of discussion in the wake of COVID-19 a [...] read more
  • News item image Nature-based Solutions can help cool the planet - if we act now
    This publication in Nature clarifies the role of NbS in climate change mitigation by presenting the projected effect of worldwide implementation of NbS on global temperatures. This approach differs from previous calculations of the climate change mitigation potential of NbS, which have focused solel [...] read more
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We offer the Nature-based Solutions to Global Challenges Foundation course and custom-designed courses on the science, policy, practice, finance and governance of nature-based solutions for executives and public servants. We also provide undergraduate and graduate teaching and supervision for students enrolled at the University of Oxford. If you are interested in taking part in one of our courses, please contact us.


Working with local organisations, we map current and future in-country opportunities for NbS, and combine knowledge from science and local experience to develop policy guidelines, targets and indicators on nature-based solutions for businesses and governments. We also map and monitor the prominence of NbS in climate policy and provide a baseline against which ambition for NbS can be measured over time.

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Policy platform

This platform makes information about climate change adaptation planning across the globe openly available, easy to explore. It highlights the prominence of NbS to climate change impacts in global policy. We are currently updating the platform to include revised Nationally Determined Contributions.
Policy platform

NbS Guidelines

What do we mean by successful, sustainable Nature-based Solutions? To find out, read these four key evidence-based guidelines.
NbS Guidelines

Case studies

We collate and spotlight examples of best-practice nature-based solutions around the world.

  • News item image Coastal Wetland restoration in the UK and France
    In a joint project between the EU programme Interreg FCE and the Environment Agency, Project PACCo (Promoting Adaptation to Changing Coasts) will restore 100 hectares of coastal wetland at two pilot sites – the Otter Estuary in Devon (UK) and Saane Valley in Normandy (France). The restoration of t [...] read more
  • News item image Ecosystem-based adaptation in Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya
    A recent paper by Agol et al. in Royal Society Open Science explores the role of Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) in reconciling socio-economic development with the conservation and restoration of nature in Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya, East Africa. Using selected ecosystems in the Lake region, the [...] read more
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NbS Bangladesh

We are a community of researchers, practitioners and policymakers working at the interface of climate change, nature conservation and sustainable development. Our mission is to enhance understanding of the importance of nature-based solutions and to scale-up their implementation in Bangladesh.

NbS Peru

We consolidate evidence from science, practice and traditional knowledge on nature-based solutions, and we are building a community of practice for the exchange of lessons learned and best practice across Peru.

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