The demand for reliable, evidence-based guidance on how best to implement, monitor and evaluate NbS is growing rapidly. To meet this demand we are looking for investors and philanthropic partners to help us grow the Initiative into a world-leading institute. Working with experts from across the University of Oxford and beyond, your support would enable us to:

  • Develop robust guidelines for businesses and governments on how to best to implement NbS
  • Broaden the scope of our systematic review to include evidence on the effectiveness of NbS in cities, for infrastructure, food security and across supply chains.
  • Support action through our in-country work
  • Conduct cutting-edge interdisciplinary research into the effectiveness of NbS
  • Communicate synthesised evidence on NbS effectiveness through multiple media and in multiple languages to increase our global reach and local relevance.

How you can help

Funding generated through donations or direct investments will cover basic operation of the NbSI and one or more of the five broad areas outlined above.  We are also interested in discussing smaller investments to support bodies of work within each of these themes, including event sponsorship.

We can and we must create a future in which humans and nature not only survive but thrive together.  The path toward that future is our legacy to our youth.

– Christina Figueres

01 Donations

If you would like to donate to us, no matter how large or small, please use the link below and if you are a UK taxpayer you can also add Gift Aid.

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02 As an investor or company

If you are company or individual who would like to invest in our vision more substantively, or would simply like to know more, please  contact: nathalie.seddon@biology.ox.ac.uk

As nature declines, the prospects for business success and future prosperity dwindle. Conversely, the business opportunities that await those committed to restoring natural ecosystems could be considerable.

New Nature Economy Report 2020, World Economic Forum

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We want to see ambition for climate and biodiversity enhanced through Nature-based Solutions and, with your help, we will provide the evidence and the tools that decision-makers need to make that happen.

If you are interested in supporting and/or working with us or require more information please contact us.