Seth Thomas

Research assistant

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Interests and expertise

As a research assistant at Oxford University’s Nature-based Solutions Initiative(NbSI) my focus is on highlighting the best practice nature-based solutions which can be found globally. My specialization is in biodiversity conservation with my previous research focusing on community-based conservation initiatives in Tanzania, rewilding, and sustainable use and trade of wildlife. Through the expansion of the global interactive map and the refinement of flagship case studies we hope to bring attention to how community livelihoods and biodiversity can be best integrated into successful nature-based solutions.


My background blends my interests of conservation biology, environmental policy, and nature regeneration. I have a MSc. in Biodiversity, Conservation, and Management from the University of Oxford and I have two BSc. from Oregon State University which focused on Ecology and Environmental and Energy Policy. My master’s dissertation at Oxford focused on evaluating best practice for global large carnivore translocations and reintroductions. Before joining the NbSI I worked for the IUCN Sustainable Use and Livelihoods specialist group examining the conservation and livelihoods benefits of international wildlife trade. I also previously worked for the School of Geography and the Environment at Oxford evaluating the risk of pollinator declines on economically important pollinator dependent crops.

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