Interactive global map of good practice nature-based solutions

Aerial of South America
Discover how people are working with nature to deal with global change

To enhance awareness and understanding of NbS, and showcase good practice, we are developing an interactive online global map. The first version, which was launched at COP26, includes 110 cases from over 67 countries and 6 continents. Using the platform, practitioners and policy makers can discover the many different ways communities, businesses, and NGOs are working with nature to deal with the causes and consequences of global change, across a diversity of different rural environments, ecosystems, and socio-economic and governance contexts. They can visit each project to explore what is being done on the ground, who is implementing the work, and what the measurable costs and benefits of the projects are. We are currently adding functionalities to the platform, and will include 100s more projects over the coming months.

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