Isabel Key

Research Associate



Changing Oceans Research Group, University of Edinburgh
Project Seagrass
Portrait of Issy infront of cliffs

Interests and expertise

I am an ecologist interested in the ecosystem functioning and services of temperate seagrass meadows. For my PhD I am investigating the biodiversity of seagrass meadows in Scotland, looking across trophic levels and bridging marine and terrestrial realms. I am particularly interested in understanding the role of seagrass in supporting ‘charismatic species’, focussing on birds and otters. I am using a range of field methods including baited underwater video cameras, sediment cores and bird surveys. Through my research I hope to better inform and motivate the restoration and protection of seagrass meadows that support biodiversity, alongside providing climate change mitigation and adaptation benefits.


Prior to starting my PhD, I worked as a researcher and coordinator at the Nature-based Solutions Initiative, where my major focus was synthesising evidence on the biodiversity outcomes of nature-based solutions. I have also enjoyed several fieldwork positions, including on Skomer Island in Wales and Wytham Woods in Oxford. I hold an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, specialising in evolution, ecology and conservation.

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