Mapping the effectiveness of nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation

Evidence Tool screenshots
The project underpins our evidence tool.

This systematic evidence mapping exercise consolidated the large dispersed evidence-base on the effectiveness of NbS for addressing climatic impacts. The collated evidence-base underpins the NbS evidence platform. The objectives were to:

  1. Identify existing evidence of the effectiveness of NbS for addressing different climate impacts on people and economic sectors, and catalogue evidence with respect to geography, country income group, climate impact addressed, ecosystem type, and type of intervention.
  2. Elucidate the synergies and/or trade-offs between climate impact reduction and greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation, ecological, and social outcomes.
  3. Highlight knowledge-gaps to stimulate further research, especially on the extent to which geographical regions, ecosystems, intervention types and climate impacts are understudied.

We are currently updating our platform to include the outcomes of scenario modelling studies, and working with colleagues from the department of statistics to develop AI technological to enable more regular updating of the evidence base.