Lubasi Limweta

PhD Researcher

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Interests and expertise

I am Interested in Nature-based solutions in their relevance to climate adaptation and mitigation, enhancement of biodiversity and ecological health of ecosystems.  My DPhil research will focus on the use of remote sensing and GIS to evaluate and inform the design of Nature-based solutions in agricultural landscapes.

In previous academic and professional roles, I have developed relevant skills in the applications of remote sensing (RS) and geographic information systems (GIS) for ecosystem monitoring and management.


I grew up in Zambia’s Tobacco cultivation hub (NKeyema district) and I did my undergraduate in Environmental Engineering at the Copperbelt University. Due to the devastating ecological and environmental damage in the tobacco landscapes of Nkeyema, I focused my undergraduate thesis to evaluate the impacts of tobacco cultivation on Natural forests using remote sensing and GIS. After graduating, I worked in the Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation as a district water development officer where I was involved in enhancing rural livelihood through the provision of clean water and sanitation, protection of the aquatic ecosystem in the district through monitoring of surface water bodies and wetlands as well as the implementation of Climate-resilient initiatives such as the SCRIKA project in Kafue district.

I came to Oxford in 2022 to read for an MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management as a Rhodes Scholar. My MSc research focused on the use of remote sensing and GIS to understand the impacts of urbanization on the water security of Lusaka city, Zambia’s Capital.


Associated projects

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