Nature-based Solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean

Nature-based Solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean
This report and recommended guidance are intended to support NbS practitioners in the LAC region.

A new Nature-based Solutions (NbS) Valuation Report by Northeastern University and UNDP on climate-informed cost-benefit analysis in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region has recently been released.

Over the last decade, UNDP has worked with countries to deploy NbS as an approach to meeting the multiple interconnected challenges of climate change disruption to local economies, ecosystems, and biodiversity in these regions.

The Valuation Report summarizes a scoping exercise that surveyed existing toolkits to support cost-benefit analysis of NbS and analyzed these toolkits to assess their appropriateness for meeting the needs of policy-makers, as well as climate change, ecosystems and biodiversity practitioners in the region.

A series of recommendations include that guidance should be directly contextualized to the LAC region with particular attention to the economic, ecosystem, and policy environment and feedback from project stakeholders.

Read the analysis and full range of recommendations in the Valuation Report document.