Ecosystem-based adaptation in Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya

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An integrated planning approach at the watershed or catchment level remains a challenge in the Lake Victoria region.

A recent paper by Agol et al. in Royal Society Open Science explores the role of Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) in reconciling socio-economic development with the conservation and restoration of nature in Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya, East Africa.

Using selected ecosystems in the Lake region, the paper identifies key EbA approaches and explores trade-offs and synergies at spatial and temporal scales and between different stakeholders.

The case study found that EbA approaches such as ecosystem restoration have the potential to generate multiple adaptation benefits as well as synergies and trade-offs occurring at different temporal and spatial scales and affecting various stakeholder groups. EbA trade-offs and risks are not yet sufficiently understood and communicated at different temporal and spatial scales and for different stakeholders in the Lake region.

This highlights the benefits of identifying EbA trade-offs and synergies in order to design better environmental and development programmes.

Read the full case study article.