New evidence that nature-based solutions can support economic recovery in Peru

New evidence that nature-based solutions can support economic recovery in Peru
A new report by the Nature-based Solutions Initiative Peru (NbSI Peru) provides evidence for the role of nature-based solutions (NbS) in supporting post-pandemic economic recovery, alongside a diversity of environmental and social benefits. 

NbS in Peru hold huge potential but face limited investment, partly due to a lack of concrete evidence for how NbS can contribute to economic recovery and local development. To address this knowledge gap, NbSI Peru conducted a mixed-methods study – including stakeholder workshops with practitioners and policymakers – analysing practical case studies at local, regional and national scales, producing a comprehensive report on ‘Nature-Based Solutions and their Socio-Economic Benefits for Peru’.

The findings highlight socio-economic benefits including the promotion of local economies, water and food security, social equity and inclusivity, and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The report launch event attracted over 100 attendees, including policy makers from the Peruvian government, practitioners, academia, and civil society, to discuss how NbS can play a key role in a resilient and sustainable post-pandemic recovery in Peru.


NbSI Peru also presented new evidence on the socio-economic benefits of NbS as part of the ‘Employment Generation through Ecosystem Services,’ led by the International Labor Organization and aimed at decision-makers in Latin America and the Caribbean. The team presented the case of the project “Upscaling Mountain Ecosystem-based Approaches” as part of the module “Nature-based solutions to promote ecosystem services and employment generation”.  


The full report is available in Spanish: Nature-Based Solutions and their Socio-Economic Benefits for Peru

Read the key findings in English here

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