Brazil’s President Lula reinforces fight against deforestation at COP27

Brazil’s President Lula reinforces fight against deforestation at COP27
Lula appeared as a special guest at COP27. Photo by Aline Soterroni.

Brazil’s newly-elected President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has spoken in support of preserving “the vast biodiversity of the Amazon”, and has called for the COP to be held in 2025 to be hosted in the Amazon.

As a special guest at the event ‘Amazon’s Letter – A Common Agenda for the Climate Transition’, hosted on Biodiversity Day at COP27 at the Hub Amazonia Legal by the Interstate Legal Amazon Consortium, Lula reinforced the fight against illegal deforestation, and signed the letter of the governors of states of the Legal Amazon. Lula also promised the creation of the Ministry for Indigenous people; of particular significance due to it’s indication of recognition of the role and rights of indigenous people in Brazil.

In his first official trip as President, Lula has dramatically changed Brazil’s approach to climate and nature action. NbSI’s Dr Aline Soterroni, who attended the event, summarised this signal from Lula’s presence at COP27: “Brazil is back”.

New research led by Dr Soterroni examines the extent to which existing and planned national policies in Brazil can put the nation on the path to its net zero pledge. Soterroni finds that there is an urgent need for Brazil to eliminate illegal deforestation, and go beyond to help fight climate change whilst curbing biodiversity loss, making these signs from Lula even more crucial to meeting this urgent need.

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