Georgia Melodie Hole

Research coordinator & communicator



Department of Biology, University of Oxford
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Interests and expertise

I am the team’s communications lead and work on evidence synthesis and the communication of NbSI’s work on solutions to societal challenges that deliver benefits for people & biodiversity. I am passionate about science, nature, environmental issues and engaging with people, and this combination feeds into interdisciplinary interests in research, communications, science writing and policy. I enjoy utilising my passion for the natural world and our climate by combining robust science, creative communication and community engagement.  I am moving on in January 2023 to take up a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at ARU in Cambridge, UK, to join the UKRI-funded project “Beavers and socio-ecological Resilience in Inuit Nunangat”. My work will investigate the northward expansion of beavers in the Canadian Arctic using remote sensing, dendrochronology, and occupancy modelling, examining their colonisation of shrub-tundra environments as part of the ongoing rapid climatic, ecological and socio-economic changes in the Arctic.


With an interdisciplinary background in Geology & Geophysics (MSci, Imperial College London, 2013) and Biogeosciences (DPhil, U. Oxford, 2021), my work combines investigating Earth processes and environments alongside communicating science and policy on the protection and preservation of the world’s climate, ecosystems and biodiversity. I have an interest in the high latitudes; my doctoral research focused on the reconstruction of past Arctic sea ice dynamics and climate changes, while my geological background includes a Master’s thesis on past Antarctic glaciation. I have also worked in science communication with the Oxford Polar Forum, the Biodiversity, Conservation and Management Master’s within SoGE, and at Green Templeton College.

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