Webinar: Nathalie Seddon on evaluating and investing in nature-based solutions

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The Dasgupta Review is a global review on the Economics of Biodiversity published in February 2021

Nathalie Seddon, Director of the NbSI, conversed with Cameron Hepburn, Professor of Environmental Economics, for the last in a series of Oxford Martin School webinars on the Dasgupta Review on the Economics of Biodiversity. Nathalie starts by explaining why we should be concerned by current extinction rates, and why the diversity of life – rather than just the existence of ecosystems – matters. She points out that the IPCC projections for upscaling BECCCS and afforestation to remove carbon are problematic, but that there is potential for globally improved management, restoration and protection of ecosystems to remove about 10GtCO2e from the atmosphere per year for 100 years, reducing peak warming by up to 0.3°C. We also hear about the potential problems with carbon offsetting, and the need for insetting – where companies offset their carbon and environmental footprint within their own supply chain. Nathalie finishes by explaining what needs to be done to address climate change and biodiversity loss as a global community, what is likely to be achieved over the next few months, and what we can do to help as individuals.

The full recording is available to watch here, and all episodes in the series are available here.