Unilever makes new sustainability commitments

Unilever makes new sustainability commitments
Ambitious commitments from corporations is a sign that being environmentally responsible is becoming more mainstream.

The consumer goods giant Unilever, which owns over 400 brands, has already committed to Science Based Targets for zero emissions in operations by 2030. In June 2020 they set out new commitments to sustainability, including:

  • Deforestation-free supply chain by 2023
  • Providing water stewardship programmes to 100 water-stressed locations by 2030
  • Net-zero emissions for all products by 2039
  • Helping farmers to protect and restore local habitats
  • Creating a Regenerative Agriculture Code for all suppliers
  • €1 billion investment in a new Climate & Nature Fund, which will fund restoration, protection and water security projects

Whilst these commitments are welcome and much needed, the climate, conservation and development communities must remain critical of both the targets and actions taken to meet them. We must also set such commitments against the backdrop of Unilever’s €52 billion annual revenue and €6 billion annual profit (2019).

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