Sir David Attenborough animation marks Royal Society biodiversity launch

Sir David Attenborough animation marks Royal Society biodiversity launch
Watch Sir David Attenborough describe the purpose and plight of biodiversity in the Royal Society animation

In a new animated short film from the Royal Society, Sir David Attenborough explores why we need biodiversity and what we must do now to protect it. The film premiered on Monday 11 October 2021 to coincide with a new report co-authored by NbSI Director Professor Nathalie Seddon: ‘Climate change and biodiversity: Interlinkages and policy options’.

In calling for action to tackle the worsening biodiversity crisis, Attenborough says that it is essential to integrate sustainability and economic development, ‘we must provide pathways for global development that work with, rather than against nature, and we need to give the communities affected a seat at the table.’ As world leaders gather for the UN Biodiversity and Climate Change Conferences (COP 15 and COP 26), and at the start of the UN Decade of the Ocean, this important message comes at a pivotal time for society.

Alongside the animation, the Royal Society published Q&A of 16 common questions the public has about biodiversity. This toolkit aims to equip people with the knowledge they need to understand the consequences of humanity’s unchecked exploitation of the natural world and play their part in protecting biodiversity.

The Royal Society has also published a statement document, Biodiversity – evidence for action, that sets out an overarching strategy and vision for biodiversity and has also commissioned a series of scientific essays on biodiversity, including ‘Why efforts to address climate change through nature-based solutions must support both biodiversity and people‘ by Prof Seddon. The essays are intended to stimulate discussion on the problems and potential solutions to halt and reverse the decline in biodiversity.

Learn more about range of biodiversity resources on the Royal Society biodiversity policy project page.