Race to Zero Dialogues: Nature’s Place in the Race

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Nature-based solutions were the focus of a day of dialogues hosted by Nature4Climate and the UNFCCC.

Professor Nathalie Seddon and Dr Cécile Girardin spoke at the UNFCCC’s Race to Zero Dialogues day dedicated to NbS.

Cécile presented an interval session on art and science, focusing on ecosystem restoration, based on a mural designed for the Sumatran Orangutan Society. She also framed the discussion for a session exploring the role of NbS in a regenerative and circular economy. This included an overview of private financing for NbS, the business case for biodiversity, and the role of NbS in a regenerative economy.

Nathalie spoke in the closing session of the day, providing insights on factors that have helped and stood in the way of operationalizing the role of nature in addressing climate change, and what actions need to be taken in the run-up to COP26.

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