NbSI joins the People’s Plan for Nature

NbSI joins the People’s Plan for Nature
The People's Plan for Nature aims to build a public mandate for change that will galvanise key actors to take action to protect and restore UK nature.

The People’s Assembly for Nature is a citizens’ assembly and will bring together a broadly representative group of people from across the country, as part of the People’s Plan for Nature, to look at the question “What should we do to protect and restore nature in the UK?”. In the UK’s biggest ever conversation about the future of nature, 100 people from across the UK will be selected to develop a plan and a set of recommendations to help protect and restore nature in the UK. The People’s Plan for Nature is a UK-wide initiative run by Involve, UK’s public participation charity, powered by WWF, the National Trust and the RSPB.

NbSI Director Prof Seddon is one of two academic advisors, working alongside Professor Pete Smith, University of Aberdeen. Academic Leads are specialists in the topic area that the citizens’ assembly is considering, with leads working with the Assembly on the core topic areas that has been identified for the assembly to focus on. These topics are the Path to Net Zero, Food & Farming Reform, and Reversing Biodiversity Loss. As an academic advisor, Prof Seddon will help develop the content for the citizens’ assembly and in particular the evidence that participants hear.

The assembly will:

  • Work together to learn in depth about the topic from a variety of experts and witnesses.
  • Discuss the issue with their fellow assembly members, that have different backgrounds, values and experiences.
  • Be part of facilitated discussions to reach a set of recommendations about what needs to be done.

Those involved will meet over the course of four weekends, two in person in Birmingham and two online, between November 2022 and February 2023.

Learn more on the People’s Assembly for Nature and People’s Plan for Nature webpages.