Net Zero Nature summit: Can carbon offsets be credible?

Net Zero Nature summit: Can carbon offsets be credible?
the Net Zero Nature event explored the vital role of nature in the net zero transition.

Nathalie Seddon, Director of NbSI, recently joined Ecosia CEO Christian Kroll and the Emergent Forest Finance Accelerator‘s Eron Bloomgarden to discuss the fraught and growing market for carbon offsets.

At BusinessGreen’s recent Net Zero Nature summit, a variety of attendees outlined and explored carbon offsetting and it’s caveats as a solution to climate change;  how businesses can avoid inadvertently misleading investors, and details of some of the limitations and potential for misuses of carbon offsets.

Carbon offsetting should never be an alternative to reducing the carbon footprint of businesses and governments. And, as not all carbon-offsets are created equal, businesses must make careful choices when it comes to selecting a provider or offset solution.

Watch the video of the discussion, and read more on the Net Zero Nature website.