Featuring in international news in COP15 and COP26 buildup

Featuring in international news in COP15 and COP26 buildup
Coverage of nature & biodiversity is increasing in the buildup to COP15 and COP26

We have provided commentary to a range of news outlets as coverage builds on biodiversity and nature as part 1 of COP15 has taken place 11-15th October 2021, and COP26 nears in November.

  • The world’s biodiversity is on the brink. Can a UN summit make a difference?. Commentary in the Independent on what is at stake at COP15, with an urgent need to address “high-emitting commodity production that is extremely damaging to biodiversity. It is destroying ecosystems.”
  • China vows to include biodiversity in economic plans as UN talks begin. Nathalie comments on China’s vow to include biodiversity in economic plans, as COP15 talks begin. “We don’t have much time to get humanity on a sustainable trajectory so we need those pledges to be backed up by meaningful plans.”
  • Going in reverse—how can greenhouse gas emissions be removed from the atmosphere?. We featured in this edition of the weekly podcast from The Economist, highlighting the caveats of some carbon offsets that lack long term resilience & can damage ecosystem biodiversity that mitigates climate change. We also highlighted the importance of nature-based solutions that protect and enhance biodiversity, providing benefits for nature & people: “Intact biodiverse ecosystems are much better at drawing down and storing carbon in the long term – they are more resilient”.