NbSI director interviewed by Bloomberg

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Professor Nathalie Seddon was interviewed by Bloomberg on the risks and benefits of tree planting

‘I haven’t met any anti-tree people yet’ says Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce. This is perhaps because whilst tree planting can be a great thing (indeed, an effective Nature-based Solution with manifold benefits), it can also be harnessed by governments and incorporations as a ‘get out of jail card’ by making it appear like they are taking the climate crisis seriously, whilst actually reaping the benefits from commercial tree plantations. The fact that Donald Trump, who remains opposed to most climate policies, announced his support for tree planting at the World Economic Forum 2020 is enough to raise alarm bells in itself. NbSI director, Professor Nathalie Seddon, was interviewed by Bloomberg to inform this article which summarises the tree planting conundrum: we need the right species in the right places to maximise long-term carbon sequestration and avoid reducing Earth’s surface albedo. Local engagement is imperative, to maximise benefits for people and ensure that trees survive in the long-term.