Collaboration for Nature: Launch of UK NbS Knowledge Hub

Image from the hub website
A new NbS Knowledge Hub to help scale nature-based solutions in the UK has been launched today, developed by researchers from the Nature-based Solutions Initiative (NbSI) and Agile Initiative as part of a 12-month interdisciplinary research sprint.

Working with external stakeholders, through the Agile Initiative sprint funding, members of NbSI have launched a new ‘Knowledge Hub’, including cross-disciplinary tools, guides and policy briefs designed to inform and transform the use of nature-based solutions in policy and practice.  

With the aim of overcoming key challenges and barriers to scaling up high-quality nature-based solutions in the UK, the Knowledge Hub offers stakeholders, including practitioners, local land management bodies, and policymakers, guidance on implementing NbS projects based on the latest science and best practices.

To ensure the relevance and practicality of the outputs, they have been collaboratively developed with a diverse group of experts and practitioners from government departments, non-governmental organisations, scientific and educational institutions, charities, and community organisations involved in NbS design and implementation.

“The guidance [from the Knowledge Hub’s ‘Recipe for Engagement’] helped form the foundation of our organisation’s engagement strategy, which is a central component of our efforts for building natural capital. It’s great to see this practical guidance available to support others’ work.”- Calum Brown, Chief Scientist, Highlands Rewilding

This guidance aims to empower stakeholders engaged in NbS, whether they are involved in on-the-ground project implementation, strategic support for NbS initiatives, advisory and consultancy roles in NbS projects, or policy and decision-making for the future of NbS, regardless of whether they are addressing local projects or national initiatives.

Specifically, the Knowledge Hub provides a range of tools:

  • Recipe for Engagement: a guide to support best practice engagement for governing NbS, while ensuring decision-making is collaborative, participatory, and democratic.
  • Biodiversity & Soil Health Metrics Tool: a tool to help with designing a biodiversity and soil health monitoring strategy which will ensure genuine benefits and monitor impact.
  • Mapping Opportunities: generate local maps which show the potential of NbS and nature recovery opportunities in your area.
  • Case Studies: an interactive platform showcasing good practice examples of delivering NbS in the UK.
  • Funding Programmes Tool: a searchable datable of major funding options available to support NbS in the UK.
  • Guidance Tool: a searchable list of useful guidance for implementing NbS.
  • Policy Briefs: reports produced by the research team highlighting specific opportunities to embed NbS into policy.


“The Nature-based Solutions [Knowledge] Hub provides practitioners and policymakers with the tools they need to understand the benefits of NbS, and guide them on how to govern, fund and evaluate NbS. It also gives examples of great programmes and projects across the UK that can be used to inspire even more initiatives.” – Kathryn Brown, Director of Climate Change and Evidence, Wildlife Trusts.

You can also read more about the research behind the NbS Knowledge Hub by visiting the Agile Initiative Sprint page: How do we scale up Nature-based Solutions