Nature based Insetting project pilot with TNFD

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Nature-based Insetting apply cutting edge science to help businesses implement nature-based solutions with integrity

The Nature based Insetting team are piloting a project from the Nature based Insetting model with the Taskforce for Nature Related Financial Disclosure (TNFD).

Nature-based Insetting is a social venture spin-out of the Nature-based Solutions Initiative at the University of Oxford. The team of researchers work at the interface of science and practice to help companies understand their impacts on the biodiversity, climate, and society that underpin their natural capital assets.

NbI help set and implement robust evidence-based targets for mitigating and insetting those impacts through nature-based solutions (NbS). In this way, they enable companies to enhance the value and resilience of their supply chains, whilst meeting socially just nature-positive and net-zero pledges. NbI have developed an analytical framework supported by a quantitative model to support decision making on a landscape scale. The model aids in understanding the impacts, risks, dependencies, and opportunities from a commodity production at the landscape scale.

NbI are delighted to announce that they will be be piloting one of their projects with the multinational producer of health, hygiene and nutrition products Reckitt (Latex in Thailand) with the Taskforce for Nature Related Financial Disclosure (TNFD).