Leveraging nature-based solutions to reconnect people and nature

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Reconnecting people with nature, with the understanding that humans are part of the natural environment and should work with it, can help us create sustainable societies where all life can thrive and natural ecosystems support human wellbeing.

Alexandre Chausson (NbSI) together with Annie Welden (University of Oxford) and Marina Melanidis (Youth4Nature) have written a perspective piece on leveraging NbS to reconnect people and nature. The authors argue that for NbS to support transformative change, people and nature need to be seen not as separate entities, but as intimately connected. They propose an altered framing of NbS which is inclusive, collaborative, interconnected and diverse, repositioning people as part of a greater whole. This framing, crucially, is more inclusive of Local and Indigenous knowledges and place-based approaches. Shifting from the Western understanding of nature working for people to people working with nature will help enable NbS contribute to transformative change towards socially and ecologically healthy and resilient landscapes.

Read a short summary here and the full journal article here.