Launch of Oxford Net Zero

Net zero screenshot
Oxford Net Zero will help advance solutions to enable the public, private and charity sectors reach net zero emissions.

Oxford Net Zero is a new interdisciplinary research initiative which combines Oxford’s existing research body with research fellows from around the world to advance solutions for reaching net-zero emissions. The online platform will act as a source of equitable climate solutions for businesses, policymakers and professionals across all sectors. The initiative also aims to address long-term questions, such as where will CO2 that humans release in the next few years be found in the 2100s, and who will be responsible for these stores and keeping them intact. Another critical question to address is how the social license to generate, emit, capture, transport, and store carbon will change over the coming decades.

NbSI Director, Professor Nathalie Seddon, is on the academic advisory board for Oxford Net Zero. The Oxford Net Zero team will also include a Senior Fellow in Nature-based Solutions and we will be advertising this post very soon. Stay tuned.

Explore the website here.