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Knowledge Tree: decision making for effective, efficient & equitable social forestry

May 1, 2020
News item image Forests need to be diverse to be resilient to climate change, but the involvement of local people in the appropriate manner is just as important

The Regional Community Forestry Training Center for Asia and the Pacific (RECOFTC) has compiled knowledge on how to conduct effective, efficient, and equitable social forestry in Southeast Asia in their recently-launched Knowledge Tree. The online platform is designed to support decision-making during the design and implementation of social forestry projects. The information has been sourced from peer-reviewed and grey literature, and the first-hand experience of practitioners; it is an expanding resource and the creators are open to opinions and recommendations on how to improve the platform.

With the Knowledge Tree toolbox, users can filter and find publications, case studies, videos, tools and other resources to help inform planning and implementation of social forestry. The platform also defines and explores 6 building blocks which must be addressed in social forestry projects:

– Local aspirations

– Rights and tenure

– Capacities and institutions

– Forest potentials

– Enabling policies

– External actors and markets