IUCN examples of NbS providing multiple benefits

IUCN examples of NbS providing multiple benefits
Organic production of coffee in agroforestry plantations, if done right, is better for biodiversity and provides more income and food security of farmers.

IUCN provide short summaries of NbS being successfully integrated on the ground, including:

  • Agroforestry in Rwanda enabling people to send children to school
  • Integration of shrimp farming with mangrove protection and management in Viet Nam
  • Conservation agricultural providing food security in Mozambique
  • Forest landscape restoration in Malawi with information disseminated by a radio programme
  • Stabilisation of roads in Nepal by planting broom grass and bamboo
  • Re-establishment of traditional grazing practices in Jordan has revived wildlife, increased fodder production and saved herders money
  • 36 coffee producers in the Brazilian Cerrado are planting trees, restoring degraded land and shifted to organic farming in order to make production more sustainable

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