FEBA adaptation brief on nature-based solutions released at COP27

FEBA adaptation brief on nature-based solutions released at COP27
NbS offer a critical pathway to drive and enhance countries’ adaptation actions.

A new Issue Brief, Nature-based Solutions and the Global Goal on Adaptation, has been released by the Friends of Ecosystem-based Adaptation at COP27. The Friends of EbA (FEBA) is a global collaborative network of more than 100 agencies and organisations working on EbA working on knowledge sharing, EbA implementation, and raising awareness and understanding of nature-based solutions in adaptation planning processes and multilateral policy frameworks.

The brief aims to provide clarity and elevate a collective voice for the adaptation community, and highlight how and where Nature-based Solutions (NbS) can inform negotiations. The paper explores how to utilise the knowledge from adaptation practitioners working on NbS for both setting and achieving the Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA) – across monitoring and evaluation, capacity building and technology transfer, and increasing finance. The GGA was set under the Paris Agreement to increase the awareness and funding for enhancing climate change adaptation. A 2022-2023 Glasgow-Sharm el-Sheikh (GlaSS) Work Programme on the Global Goal on Adaptation was set to define the key elements of the goal, including the methodologies, indicators, metrics, and data sources to support the assessment of overall adaptation progress. Given the local nature of adaptation, there is currently no global target, in contrast to the 1.5°C target for global mitigation, making support for GGA important to see progress in adaptation.

Enhancing implementation and support for NbS can help to both define and achieve the Global Goal on Adaptation as part of the negotiations during UNFCCC COP27. The report encourages:

  1. recognizing and integrating the role of ecosystems for building climate resilience.
  2. strengthening and creating the enabling conditions for adaptation action, including increasing overall investment on adaptation finance and specifically finance for NbS.
  3. building on the existing portfolio of work on monitoring & evaluation of NbS for adaptation, with targets and indicators that align with the SDGs and the Global Biodiversity Framework under the Convention on Biological Diversity in order to create synergies and minimise reporting burden.

Learn more in the full FEBA Issue Brief, Nature-based Solutions and the Global Goal on Adaptation.