Core principles for successfully implementing and upscaling Nature-based Solutions

Cohen-Shacham et al (2019) Environmental Science and Policy

As NbS gain traction in environment and climate policy it is vital that the term is used and applied consistently. With the goal of improving the operational framework for NbS, this paper compares IUCN’s preliminary “NbS Principles” to those of five other ecosystembased concepts (the Ecosystem Approach, Forest Landscape Restoration, Ecosystem-based Adaptation, Ecological Restoration and Protected Areas). The authors highlight that a key advantage of NbS over other approaches is that they can be implemented alone or together with other solutions. They also emphasise how NbS can be an integral part of the overall design of policies addressing societal challenges in general. However, the authors conclude that the NbS Principles should be revised so that they better address issues around scale, uncertainty, multi-stakeholder participation and adaptive co-management. Direct article link.