Artist in Residence

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A core component of NbSI's mission is to communicate science with a broad audience; collaborating with the arts will help us do this more effectively.

The Oxford Art Biodiversity and Climate (ABC) Network is facilitating an artist in residence programme across biodiversity and climate research groups at the university. We are thrilled to be partnered with Alice Hackney, a student at the Ruskin School of Art. Alice is a concept-driven artist, with a particular interest in human relationships with the local environment. Throughout the eight week residency, Alice will be joining our team meetings and discussions to become immersed in NbSI’s work and the world of NbS. This will be a two-way learning process: conversing with Alice will  – and already has – influenced our perspective on NbS, and Alice’s emerging understanding of NbS is helping shape her work. With Alice, we hope to go beyond simple knowledge dissemination through art, to co-create artwork which inspires people to question their current understanding and beliefs about the relationship between people and nature. Art has a unique power to alter opinions and open minds, and so is a crucial catalyst in achieving the paradigm shift needed towards sustainability. We will also be documenting our collaboration process to gain and share insights into how such transdisciplinary work plays out.

Explore Alice’s past work here, and learn about the ABC Network here.