Applications open for NbS Policy Research Assistant

Applications open for NbS Policy Research Assistant
Join our team and help us learn how to scale up NbS in the UK

The Nature-based Solutions Initiative (NbSI) is now accepting applications for a new research assistant focused on financing and policy related to NbS in the UK. This individual will report to NbSI team member John Lynch and work on the Agile Initiative Sprint 3. Applications are due 31st March, 2023.

The research assistant will carry out literature review on financing and policy options to support nature-based solutions and ecological recovery in the UK, and compile costs and other implementation barriers associated with NbS. This will involve reading academic papers, government reports and ‘grey’ literature (for example, policy statements from NGOs), to discover current opportunities and highlight where further development will be necessary to meet environmental policy goals. Candidates should therefore have previous experience in reading and synthesising academic literature and the ability to undertake ‘desk-based’ research through, for example, systematic literature review and ‘reference mining’, under guidance from other researchers.

We are seeking a candidate with a background in ecology, environmental science or environmental economics and some familiarity with the UK environmental policy landscape. The candidate will also have strong interpersonal skills, and be eager to liaise with other researchers in the Sprint and beyond to share knowledge and identify where other opportunities or challenges in financing Nature-based Solutions have been raised in other parts of the project (e.g. from case-study locations and related ongoing research). They will work with other researchers on the sprint to summarise and synthesise the literature for reports and academic papers, and contribute to quantitative analysis of scaling potential (in terms of, e.g., total finances available and eligible areas) of different options.

Applicants must have a pre-existing right to work in the UK in order to apply. For more information and further details on where to submit your application please review the full job posting.