New AI NbS Policy Tracker launched by Nature4Climate

New AI NbS Policy Tracker launched by Nature4Climate
The tracker uses an AI approach to policy-making for enabling nature-based solutions worldwide.

A new Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) Policy Tracker has been launched at COP26 by Nature4Climate and Metabolic.

The developed tracker is the first to use AI and machine learning to identify legislation and investment plans for NbS to assess their effectiveness. Investment into NbS needs to triple by 2030 and increase fourfold by 2050 for the world to meet its climate change, biodiversity and land degradation targets. Governments can encourage private sector investment by designing policies that unlock the value of natural solutions.

The tool is designed to serve as the world’s largest global database of public policies to support nature, helping governments and investors increase ambition and awareness of nature’s potential to tackle the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis more effectively.

Nature4Climate works to raise the profile of NbS and drive increased action and investment in natural climate solutions. Metabolic is an organisation that works with data processing, strategy, tools, and new ventures that develop scalable solutions to critical problems, with a mission to transition to an economy that is regenerative and ‘circular’ by design.

Read more about the tracker, its launch, and a report on the intial findings on the Nature4Climate news item.