Young Development Agriculturalist Award

Caleb Bram wins Young Development Agriculturalist Award with thesis as part of NbSI’s HARP Project on coffee agroforestry.

Every year the Tropical Agriculture Association International (TAAI) issues awards for outstanding achievements in the field of sustainable agriculture for development. The Young Development Agriculturalist (YDA) award is targeted at early career professionals and recognises key contributions in this field and capacity to inspire other young professionals working in agricultural development, livelihoods improvement and environmental sustainability.

This year, Caleb Bram, MBiol student at NbSI, was nominated for and won the YDA based on his work on coffee-based agroforestry in Vietnam as a nature-based solution, which contributes to the creation of the, NERC funded, High Agricultural Reforestation Potential (HARP) Toolkit. Caleb and his supervisors at NbSI, Dr. Will Thompson and Prof. Nathalie Seddon, collaborated with Dr. Vo Hung and Prof. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong at Tay Nguyen University in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam. Here, Caleb’s thesis research investigated the synergies and trade-offs between environmental and socio-economic outcomes for coffee agroforestry systems.

Caleb will receive the Award at the TAAI AGM at Farmers Club in London in the evening of Monday 4th December.