£3bn of UK’s international climate finance committed to nature

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The Blue Planet Fund for marine conservation is one of the named receivers of funding.

The UK has pledged £3 billion to protect and restore ecosystems abroad over the next five years. The funding comes from the existing commitment of £11.6 billion for international climate finance. Actions will include a range of nature-based solutions such as protection, restoration and management of biodiverse habitats on  land and in the sea, and increasing the sustainability of farming.

The driver of this financial commitment is the potential contributions to climate change mitigation, by reducing carbon sources and increasing carbon sinks. However, it is critical that these actions also prioritise the wellbeing of local people, and act as a force for good for those who are most vulnerable to climate change. Equally, to ensure that the projects benefit biodiversity, the highest standards of ecosystem management will be needed, informed by science and local knowledge. Hence, meticulous monitoring of outcomes for people, nature and carbon is crucial.

Read the press release here.