What is the Nature-based Solutions Initiative?

We are an international, multi-lingual and interdisciplinary team of natural and social scientists based in the Department of Zoology and the School of Geography, but collaborating with economists, engineers, governance and finance experts from across the University of Oxford.

Our mission is to understand the potential of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to address global challenges and support their sustainable implementation through the application of good evidence from science and practice.

We also work in partnership with international and local NGOs from the conservation and development sectors and we advise decision makers in business, government and the United Nations.

Scientific evidence

We consolidate, review and facilitate access to the large dispersed evidence-base on the role of nature in supporting societal goals.


Our searchable NbS bibliography brings together papers on economic, social, and environmental dimensions of Nature-based Solutions to climate change impacts, but also includes studies of the carbon capture potential of natural systems, policy papers and articles highlighting research gaps.

Evidence platform

Our NbS evidence platform allows you to explore the evidence on the effectiveness of NbS for addressing climatic impacts on people and economic sectors, based on a robust systematic review of the peer-reviewed literature.

Global policy

We collate information on the extent of global commitment to Nature-based Solutions in climate change policy, with an initial focus on the pledges of all signatories to the UNFCCC Paris Agreement.

We invite you to explore NbS Policy Platform, both in a pan-global analysis and by individual country, to assess how nations are planning to adapt to climate change and to review and compare stated vulnerabilities, actions and targets.

Our aim is to facilitate the revision of climate pledges, with the long term goal of increasing ambition for science-based targets for Nature-based Solutions.

Our in-country NbS work

We support biodiverse, climate-vulnerable nations increase climate ambition through Nature-based Solutions. We are working with our partners to identify the most relevant evidence from science and practice to inform target setting in national policies, and to build communities of science, policy and practice for NbS. We have just started programmes in Bangladesh, Peru and Ghana.

In-country work