What is the Nature-based Solutions Initiative?

NBSI logo in blackFounded in 2017, the Nature-based Solutions Initiative is an international, multi-lingual and interdisciplinary team of natural and social scientists, seeking to apply impactful research to shape policy and practice on nature-based solutions through research, teaching and engagement with policymakers and practitioners.

Our goal is to enhance understanding of the potential of Nature-based Solutions to address global challenges and support their sustainable implementation through the application of good evidence from science and practice.

We are based in the Department of Zoology and the School of Geography, but we collaborate with economists, engineers, governance and finance experts from across the University of Oxford and beyond. We also work in partnership with international and local NGOs from the conservation and development sectors, business and governments, and have two teams overseas, one in Peru and one in Bangladesh.

In addition to research and teaching of students enrolled at Oxford University, our portfolio will soon include Executive Education courses for public servants and executives from across the globe. We also offer independent research and advice on nature-based solutions.

The NbSI is now internationally recognised as a major thought leader on nature-based solutions and regularly provides advice to governments, NGOs and the UN. This year, NbSI Founding Director, Nathalie Seddon, is a Friend of COP26 and in this capacity is supporting the UK government in its hosting of the United National climate change conference, CoP26.

NbS Bangladesh

We are a community of researchers, practitioners and policymakers working at the interface of climate change, nature conservation and sustainable development. Based at the International Centre for Climate Change and Development in Dhaka, our mission is to enhance understanding of the importance of nature-based solutions and to scale-up their implementation in Bangladesh.

We are collating scientific evidence and evidence from practice on the effectiveness of existing NbS projects from across Bangladesh, and we are identifying areas that could benefit from the implementation of NbS in future. Our current focus is building an evidence base for the role of nature-based solutions for economic development.

NbS Peru

Our mission is to share knowledge on the importance and potential of NbS in Peru in the face of climate change and scaling its ambition in national policy and public-private financing.

To this end, as a group of scientists and practitioners based out of the Instituto de Montaña we are consolidating evidence from science, practice and traditional knowledge, and building a community of practice for the exchange of lessons learned and best practice.