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Here we highlight examples of Nature-based Solutions in Policy, as well as major science-syntheses targetting key policy processes. Please also check out our online NbS policy platform.

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Sustainable recovery from COVID-19 in Peru

This document: Resilient Amazon: From Emergency to Sustainable Development, proposes steps to minimise the environmental cost in Peru of the response to the covid-19 pandemic and corresponding economic crisis. Suggestions include:

– Create temporary employment to prevent people turning to illegal mining, drug trafficking and deforestation

– Support the recovery of local businesses, productive activity and [...] Read more April 24, 2020

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Briefing Paper: The Role of Land in Achieving Net Zero

We co-authored a briefing paper for the Net Zero Network looking at the contribution of nature-based solutions and other aspects of land use to achieving net-zero emissions in the UK.

Key points include:

1) Nature-based solutions can be used to increase the size of natural carbon stores and keeping existing stores intact. This is alongside supporting human [...] Read more March 24, 2020

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Global Biodiversity Framework

The initial draft of the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework was released in January; the document is expected to be finalised at the 15th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity in October this year. The framework presents five goals for 2050, each with their own 2030 targets for: net [...] Read more March 12, 2020

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UK Government Budget 2020

The UK government disclosed this year’s budget on the 11th March. It includes increases in spending in biodiversity conservation, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Notable commitments include:

– £640m Nature for Climate Fund to restore 35,000 hectares of peatland and plant 30,000 hectares of trees (an area about the size of Birmingham) in [...] Read more March 12, 2020

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4 countries have submitted updated NDCs

This year, countries have the chance to submit updated Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) with new targets for how they will contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement. Although the informal deadline for submission of updated NDCs was 9th February 2020, to date, only four countries have submitted new documents: Norway, the Marshall Islands, Moldova, [...] Read more March 9, 2020

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Absolute Zero Report

This report summarises actions required to deliver net-zero emissions in the UK by 2050, without the emergence of not-guaranteed new technologies. The authors calculated that this would require much more drastic actions than suggested by government bodies such as the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). For example, all airports would need to be closed between [...] Read more March 9, 2020

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COP25, Madrid

For two weeks in December, delegates from across the world met in Madrid for the 25th Conference of the Parties (COP25). Despite being set against a backdrop of growing public demand for immediate climate action, this meeting saw disappointing progress. Only 80 nations committed to increasing ambition in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) i.e. commitments [...] Read more January 13, 2020

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UK Government Environment Bill

In October 2019, the UK Government introduced a landmark Environment Bill, which will come into action when the country leaves the European Union. It includes measures to improve air and water quality, reduce plastic pollution, and restore natural habitats. A new Office for Environmental Protection will be established, which will ensure that environmental standards are [...] Read more January 13, 2020

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IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate

This latest IPCC report describes observed and projected impacts of climate change on our oceans, coastal zones, and cryosphere (polar and mountain ecosystems), and the human communities that rely on them. It reports widespread shrinking of ice sheets, glaciers, and reduction in snow cover, and the associated rise of global mean sea level. Such changes [...] Read more November 18, 2019

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Climate Change and Land: An IPCC special report on climate change, desertification, land degradation, sustainable land management, food security, and greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems

This IPCC report highlights the importance of our lands as both a source and a sink for GHGs. It estimates that around 23% of total GHG emissions are derived from the way we currently use land (agriculture, forestry, and other uses), while natural land processes absorb 29% of total CO2 emissions. The report assesses how [...] Read more November 18, 2019

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