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Radio 5 live: Pros and cons of tree-planting

On late-night radio, Nat Seddon discusses the importance of planting trees carefully and for the right reasons, and of ensuring other vital ecosystems, such as grasslands and peatlands in the UK, are not damaged in the process. Right trees in the right places (42 mins in)!



January 29, 2020
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Bloomberg: Planting trees isn’t a simple solution to climate change

After the launch last week of the World Economic Forum’s Trillion Trees Platform, Nat Seddon talks to Bloomberg about the importance of planting the right species in the right places, and of ensuring that tree-planting doesn’t come at the cost of protecting and restoring intact ecosystems or distract from the need to keep [...] Read more January 28, 2020

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NbSI paper: Value and limits to Nature-based Solutions

Understanding the value and limits of Nature-based Solutions to climate change and other global challenges. We discuss how NbS can contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation, and in what ways NbS is limited in a warming world. We examine NbS for adaptation in the context of the vulnerability framework, and look at how the [...] Read more January 27, 2020

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10 Days. 100 Climate Change Ideas.

We’re excited to announce that the NbSI will be featured in Apolitical’s scheme: ‘Climate Innovation. 10 Days. 100 Ideas.’ Sign up now and get 100 climate policy ideas for 10 days from 10th Feb to take with you into the next decade. It features articles, quizzes, case studies, influential people to follow and more. Register [...] Read more January 24, 2020

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Cécile Giradin explains NbS at Oxford Women in Science

Just 35% of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students in higher education in the UK are women. Although the physical sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) are less gender-biased than the other STEM subjects, the percentage of women still sits at just 37%. At the Women in STEM event in Oxford, Cécile took the opportunity to [...] Read more January 24, 2020

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NbS at the World Economic Forum

The WEF calls for a shift towards “nature-positive economy”….but will it own the role of big business in the climate and nature crisis and ensure the radical economic transformation needed?

This week 3000 leaders from business, politics and science are gathered at the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss and debate [...] Read more January 22, 2020

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Climate Science social media & app

For easily-digestible, referenced information on all aspects of climate change and its solutions, follow Climate Science on Instagram or Facebook. Isabel Key, Research Assistant and Coordinator at the NbSI, co-founded Climate Science in July. It has now grown to a team of 30 volunteer writers, reviewers, artists [...] Read more January 13, 2020

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Stephen Woroniecki joins team

Stephen Woroniecki joins as a new Research Associate, having just completed a PhD based at Lund University on ecosystem-based adaptation in Sri Lanka. He is helping to convene the adaptation session at the NbS conference and will be helping with NbS evidence syntheses.

January 13, 2020
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Bangladesh NbS Workshop co-hosted with ICCCAD

In mid-October, together with the International Institute for Climate Change and Development, we hosted a 2-day NbS workshop in Bangladesh as an initial step for building a community of practice. Approximately 50 stakeholders from government institutions, NGOs, universities, research organizations, think tanks, banks and businesses participated. In a series of talks and structured discussions, we [...] Read more January 13, 2020

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NbS in a Changing Climate Conference 2020

From 7 – 9 July 2020,we are hosting a conference on NbS in a Changing Climate. In 12 sessions over three full days, we will discuss the value and limits of working with nature to meet societal goals in a warming world. We will highlight the state of the evidence for the social, ecological and [...] Read more January 13, 2020

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