The role of ecosystem services in climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction

Munang, R. et al., 2013. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

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This paper analyzes the vicious spiral between climate change impacts, ecosystem degradation and increased risk of climate-related disasters; secondly, it defines the central role of ecosystem management in climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction and their multifaceted linkages; and thirdly, it assesses the challenges for enhanced ecosystem management for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. Given the increasing importance of ecosystem services and management in adapting and responding to climate change impacts and associated disaster risks, the paper concludes that political commitment at the highest level is urgently needed if ecosystem management is to have the adequate weight it deserves in the post-2012 climate change agreement. It is further recommended that adequate financial, technological and knowledge resources be allocated for integrating ecosystem management in the climate change and disaster risk reduction portfolios, including within national policy-setting, capacity building, planning and practices, particularly in developing countries vulnerable to climate change impacts and increased risks of climate-related disasters

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