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slider image “Healthy ecosystems underpin healthy, resilient nations and communities, and we cannot achieve our Sustainable Development Goals without safeguarding nature” Achim Steiner, UNDP (2017)
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Evidence overview

Here is an overview of the current peer-reviewed literature on nature-based solutions, with a focus on the role of natural ecosystems in helping human societies deal with the impacts and hazards of climate change. We show numbers of articles focussing on different habitats, arranged with respect to region, the solution a nature-based intervention is aimed at providing (NBS Target) and the broad type of NBS under study (NBS Approach). You can click on the circles to see the list of relevant papers for particular combinations of NBS targets, approaches and habitats. For full details of methods and scope of our review, click here.

Major Habitat Type by Region

Major Habitat Type by NbS Targets

Major Habitat Type by NbS Approach